About Us

Delta Farmland and Wildlife Trust (DF&WT) is a non-profit organization that promotes the annual preservation of over 3,500 ares of farmland and wildlife habitat on the lower Fraser River delta through co-operative land stewardship with local farmers. DF&WT was established in 1993 by a group of local farmers and conservationists with an interest in conserving agricultural and wildlife resources in Delta, British Columbia. DF&WT firmly believes that the preservation and sustainability of farmland as a source of food and valued wildlife habitat starts with a commitment to environmentally sound and economically viable agricultural practices. To learn more about how DF&WT got started there is a great article that was published in the Georgia Straight by past DF&WT director- Anne Murray.

On an annual basis, DF&WT:

  • administers our Stewardship Programs, which provides funds to farmers who establish on-farm wildlife habitat
  • raises funds for the implementation of the Stewardship Programs
  • liases with farmers to assess and refine agricultural management practices
  • conducts research to assess the quality of wildlife habitat provided by the Stewardship Programs
  • educates the public about the role of local farmland for food production & wildlife conservation

Our Stewardship Programs integrate research, education, and financial incentives to promote the sustainable use of agricultural land within the lower Fraser River delta by bringing conservationists and farmers together as “Partners in Stewardship.” These programs provide farmers with cost-share funding to establish wildlife habitat and/or invest in long term soil fertility on their farms.

By providing solutions to farmers that are compatible with their crop rotations, DF&WT Stewardship Programs contribute to the long-term viability of local farming operations. This ensures that land will continue to be available for food production and wildlife conservation well into the future.

Today, DF&WT is led by a volunteer Board of Directors. Members of the board are drawn from the Delta Farmers Institute (3) and the Boundary Bay Conservation Committee (3), and there are 3 directors at-large. The Trust employs an Executive Director,  Office Coordinator, Communications Coordinator, and a Research and Field Technician.