New Research Project with UBC

DF&WT is excited to begin a multi-year research project in partnership with the University of British Columbia. Dr. Claire Kremen and Dr. Juli Carrillo are leading the investigation that is assessing the impact of hedgerows and grassland set-asides on insect communities. M.Sc. candidates Carly McGregor and Matt Tsuruda began their field sampling this spring. Carly is sampling for pollinators and Matt is sampling for predatory and pest insects. Twenty-five sites including DF&WT planted hedgerows, remnant hedgerows, traditional grassland set-asides, pollinator-mix set-asides and cropped fields are being sampled. Sampling for beneficial insects and pests will continue next year and will also be supplemented with a second component of the study that will examine the impact of pollinator set-asides and flower strips on insect populations and their subsequent impact on blueberry crop yields. Research of this nature is important for developing solutions that simultaneously address biodiversity loss while also supporting agricultural viability. (Photo – Claire Kremen)

This project is supported by the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative. The program is delivered by the Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC