Research on Grassland Set-aside Fields

Grasslands are an important ecosystem for many

species in the Fraser River delta, including species-at-risk such as Barn Owls and Great Blue Herons.

The grassland set-aside stewardship program promotes the planting of grassland in agricultural land for the benefit of developing soil and providing wildlife habitat.

We conduct several research projects to monitor the usage of grassland set-asides on local species.

Grassland set-aside in summer

From November to March every year, we monitor grassland set-asides for:

1. Owls; including Barn Owl & Short-eared Owl

2. Raptors; including Northern Harrier and Bald Eagle

3. Great Blue Herons

In 2022, we started an additional research project on grassland set-aside usage for breeding birds. The most commonly observed birds during these surveys include: Savannah Sparrow, Common Yellowthroat and Barn Swallow.

How Can You Help?

Your donation will work towards conserving important farmland and wildlife resources contained in the Fraser River delta.

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