DF&WT-UBC Soil Productivity Project

As the second field season of the DF&WT-UBC Soil Evaluation commences, our project was featured by Branchlines, a UBC Publication. Adrian MacNair/Something Good Magazine photo. From left to right: Jason Lussier (UBC Masters Student), Christine Terpsma (DF&WT Program Coordinator) and Khalil Walji (UBC Masters Student)

DF&WT Hosts Young Naturalists’ Club of BC

This winter, the Delta Farmland & Wildlife Trust partnered with the Young Naturalists’ Club of BC to host a series of Grassland Set-aside Citizen Science excursions. Young Naturalists from all over the Lower Mainland explored Delta’s foreshore marsh habitat, as well as witnessed the abundance of wildlife in an adjacent DF&WT Grassland Set-aside. Participating families learned about the importance of …